Friday, 28 December 2012

New year's resolution!

Well Christmas is almost a distant memory. My poor doggy went in for an op and the stupid vet made an awful mess of it which meant he was very poorly over the whole of Christmas :( He is now on the road to recovery, snoozing on the sofa next to me, but countryside walks are off the menu for a long time I'm afraid.

Poor doggy, not impressed with his ultra-festive cone of shame.
In better news, I got aquascaping tools for Christmas, and an ipad keyboard, so not only will I be able to take better care of my plants, I'll be able to update much easier too :)

And now on to the exciting bit... On 5th January, I will be picking up a new (to me) second hand tank. It is 240l and also a Fluval Roma. It comes with co2, which is fab, and is already lightly stocked however my plan is through rehoming some of my fish and some of the new fish, it will ultimately replace my 125l Fluval Roma and my 65l tank.

This is my plan!

200l with co2
1x large angel - stay
6 x botia rostrata - move to 240, swap for dwarf chain loaches
12x cardinal tetra - move to 240, swap for glowlights, rummynose or harlequins
7 x five banded barbs - stay
5 x danio - stay + 3 from 240
4 x male guppy - stay
3 x male platy - stay + males from 240
1x BN plec - stay
1 x blue phantom plec - stay

125l - all fish, plants and wood to move to 240. Close down tank & sell.
1 x female guppy - move to 240
4 x female platy - move to 240
4 x red rainbowfish - move to 240
1 x angel - move to 240
6 x peppered cories - move to 240
1 x clown plec - move to 240

65l - keep as QT tank
10 x rummynose tetra - move to 200 or 240
1 x krib - rehome, will stay in QT tank until somewhere is found
Assassin snails - to move in with betta

15l - stay as it is
1 x betta
7 x pygmy cories
+ shrimp/ snails

Eventually close down and sell QT tank (20l Arcadia Arc)

New tank

240l with co2
7 x dwarf chain loaches - move to 200 - replace with botia rostrata
1 x dwarf gourami - keep in tank
9 x cardinal tetra - add 12 from 200
9 x glowlight tetra - keep
4 x BN plecs - keep one or two. Rehome others
6 x harlequin rasboras - keep
3x danio - move to 200
3 x platy - males to 200 and females to 240
Plus shrimp, snails etc, move to 15l
All stock from 125 to move in.

Rehome list:

10 x female guppies - done :'(
1 x female krib
2 or 3 x BN plec
Possibly some platies

Now I am aware that, by conventional standards, my tanks may appear overstocked however I should probably mention that I do a lot of maintenance and also make sure I factor in the life span of certain fish - the livebearers have been with me for a year now, and several have died of what appears to be old age (gradually slowing and fading, no sign of parasites/disease) in the past few months, so by the time the loaches, plecos, angels etc have grown to adult size the guppies and platies will most likely have lived their lifespan. I read differing reports but it seems that two years from purchase is sadly a good lifespan for a platy or guppy these days.

I also have a lot of good filtration. I currently run an eheim 2217 on my 200l which is rated for up to 600l, and the new tank comes with two external filters. I will also have the 2213 which I currently run on my 125l if it is needed or in case of a breakdown.

I will also be taking it very slowly. For a few weeks at least I will be running all of my tanks, and break them down one by one, piece by piece. I will be very sad to part with my 125l Fluval Roma (particularly when it was so close to being part of a matching set!) but to make space for the arrival of the new tank it has had to block the back door in the living room so alas it must go!

My Fluval Roma 200 and Fluval Roma 125 - temporarily together.

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