Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Picture update!

Superfish Wave 15

With One-Eyed Willie the Betta, 7 teeny pygmy cories and two assassin snails!

Roma 200

Lookng pretty good if I do say so myself; it's amazing how far the plants have come on!

Roma 240

Currently minus Viv the angel who is in quarantine at the moment - possibly finrot or whitespot but doesn't seem to be going away, or getting any worse?? I am keeping a close eye on him/her...

There are so many plants in the 200 but in the 240 I actually have a good idea of what's in there! There are vallis and giant vallis at the back, also a crinium thaianum (onion bulb plant) which apparently is a good one if your fish like to nibble as it tastes foul - this one has recently split into two bulbs so I have one at each end. The three plants that are the same at the front are cryptocoryne wendtii (crypts). There is a bit of stairgrass and what I think is a variety of bacopa at the back, and big anubias on wood right in the middle. The most recent additions are an amazon sword or echinodorus in the middle/left back and a water violet or (hottonia palustris) in the right hand front corner. There is lots of amazon frogbit floating and the fish love swimming through the long roots. There is also a load of duckweed which the fish love as it provides them cover - I am not so in love with the duckweed as it spreads so quickly but as it does it is removing nitrate from the water, and it's easy enough to scoop out.

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