Thursday, 20 March 2014

One year on!

Well it's been over a year since I last updated my fish blog. And what a busy year it has been! I now have a new addition, and not a fishy one - in November I had a baby girl. Being pregnant and having a newborn to look after don't exactly go hand in hand with the hefty bucket lifting work that is fish tank maintenance but I kept with it (with help from the husband of course!) and still have three tanks; the two Fluval Romas (240l and 200l) and in place of the wave 15 which I closed down when the previous betta died, I have the Fluval Edge set up with a new betta, pygmy cories, two otos, two big amano shrimp and assassin snails which bred in the tank. The two large tanks haven't changed too much. Unfortunately bending into the tank to do plant maintenance has not been possible and the plants have suffered a bit with lack beard algae. The stocking is very similar, there have been a few deaths (guppies, platies and dwarf gourami in the 240 which came with the tank) and a couple of additions - some more cories in both tanks and a few Bosemani rainbowfish in the 240. I will pop some pictures up when I can - it's too sunny to take any now - and hopefully over the next few weeks if I have the time I can work on the plants and get back to a well maintained planted tank. Baby certainly likes watching the fish, maybe she'll be a fishkeeper too!

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