Sunday, 10 June 2012

A month or so on...

FINALLY, some pictures of how the tank looks now (not very good I'm afraid!!).


Current inhabitants:

2 x Baby Angels
6 x YoYo Loaches
12 x Rummynose tetra
2 x Platies
and a bunch of guppies who were getting bullied in the other tank.

All are getting on well so far but I'm keeping careful watch in case I need to separate anyone in future!

In other tank news, have switched to an external filter in my 200l so it looks so strange now - so much more space! Haven't altered the stocking much except we had to put in Mrs Kribbitch the moody kribensis as we needed the hospital tank for our sick dwarf gourami, he's still with us but for how long I don't know. Could be the dreaded DGD. His Mrs is fine and still in the 200l.

The kribensis has settled down now, and isn't picking on anyone; she's even getting on fine with the cories.We moved the guppies & hi-fin platies out (into the 125) because she would just rip them to shreds, and have put in two new platies to add a bit of colour. Tetras, danios, barbs and cories are all fine too, as is Mr Bristles who is getting HUGE already. Here are a few rubbish pics taken today:


And last but not least, the 65l is now home to some rapidly growing platy and guppy young ladies. it's also had a wee re-scape:


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