Monday, 23 July 2012

23rd July 2012

Ok so... Been a little while but all is going ok, thought i'd get some updated pictures up.

My 125 currently. Looking quite busy at the moment' current occupants are two angels, 11 rummynoses (lost one mysteriously, wasn't ill to my knowledge...) 6 loaches and a smattering of guppies and platies which were getting bullied in my other tank. I might re-introduce them as I am getting impatient for the perfect tank and three species is all I wanted in there.

I was sold these as yoyo loaches but I am now wondering if they might be Botia histronica?..

Any ideas??

Finally a few of my 200l, no new inhabitants and no one gone to fishy heaven. The dwarf gourami who I thought had DGD is living in my 65l with a bunch of female guppies and platies, he's not quite right - a little curved - but he feeds ok and he's no where near as bad as he was when I took him out of the 200l to treat him with anti internal bacteria meds.

Will try and take better ones but I am not a born photographer and my iPad isn't exactly an SLR... :X

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