Monday, 3 September 2012

Meet my new Betta!

Here he is...

My new Betta!

I really wasn't expecting to get a betta today but I popped into a fish shop on my lunch break, I saw him and I had to have him. So after work I went back in to ask how much he cost, and they gave him to me for free!

He's called One-Eyed Willie, no prizes for guessing why!

And here's his not-so-photogenic side!

I didn't notice the blue on him in the shop but he really is a lovely colour
He's been in his tank for a few hours now and he seems to be doing really well. He's on his own at the moment, am considering trying him out with some dwarf cories as I have some in my 65l which are so teeny tiny they tend to get a bit lost in there!

Here he is checking out his tank:

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