Friday, 16 November 2012

Current tanks & stocking list

It's been a while! I've done a huge move around of all my stock and thought it was about time I added a new update and perhaps a few piccies too.

Let's start with the smallest.

 My Betta, One-eyed-Willy, has now moved to the kitchen in his fab Superfish Wave 15 tank. He couldn't live next to the TV any more as we got a dog and even though he's an exceptionally chilled out dog and here is the proof:

....I imagine it would be too tempting even for him to have a little critter swimming about at nose level! Here he is:

He now lives with seven pygmy cories who all managed to escape the camera. There are also a few shrimp in there. I had to forgo my shrimp tank for a QT tank, and it currently has just one elderly platy in it so I shan't post pics of that.

 The 65l community tank currently houses a shoal of rummynose tetras, four red rainbows and a kribensis. I know the rainbows will have to move and long term, they will be going in the 125l. Sorry about the state of the plants, I've been concentrating my gardening efforts elsewhere and it shows!

The 125l is a bit of a waste at the moment. It houses a single angel, 6 peppered cories,a clown plec, four platies and 11 guppies, all famels, 11 of which are identical...

I am not a big fan of guppies and I am waiting until these pass on (although I might try and get them a new home) as I'd prefer to stock with a nice shoal of tetra and add the rainbows in there. There are also BILLIONS of trumpet snails as you can see here! It's going to be a snailocalypse this weekend!

I still have the three goldies outside in my affinity pond. I've just purchased an outdoor heater to see them through the winter but they're doing very well in there at the moment, all healthy :) ...

And Finally...

 My 200l is now home to: One angel, six botia histrionica, twelve cardinal tetras, seven five-banded bards, five zebra danios, a bristlenose, a blue phantom plec and a smattering of male guppies and platies. It has also got co2 running - only for five days now.

We got a good deal on the JBL u402 at Aquatics Live - the whole lot for £149 and a ceramic diffuser thrown in! It took ages to clean out the tank entirely, re-scape and set the co2 up but first impressions are encouraging Day one (a bit misty!):

Day three:

And some taken today:

None of the photos are great but I think it shows even over the week, there has been some growth! Hurrah! Hopefully there will be some improvement over the next few weeks.

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