Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fish Shopping!

We went out on Saturday and on Sunday, a little worse for wear but entirely committed to the cause, we changed 90% of the water in the 125l tank (as well as doing five buckets in the 200l and two in the 65l) and went out in search of fish!

...And came home a few hours later with these guys:

6 x five banded barbs, and 8 x rummynose tetras.

We wanted some which would be compatible with our female krib, however it was evident from the off that she just wasn't going to let anyone share her tank, and the new guys cowered in the corner, so we've had to offer her up for re-homing. At the moment she is on her own in what is supposed to be our hospital tank. This means we still need to decide who's going in the tank with the barbs and tetras but there is no rush.

When we got them in the tank they all just hid away at the back and we couldn't see them at all, so a day later we decided to up the numbers slightly. We also added a few young guppies from the 65l (I think they are male but it's hard to tell!) so that the thing wouldn't look so empty!

Unfortunately, the only place we could get fish after work hours was the local Pets at Home, where we got four more tetras who have settled in OK and are shoaling with the others who seem much more confident now. However they had one single five banded barb; very stupidly I felt sorry for him and bought him, and unfortunately he doesn't seem to be doing well. I've also noticed now that he appears to have a white spot on him, I am not sure if it is ich, as it doesn't look the same as what I have seen before, as it hasn't spread however I have dosed the tank just in case which means we won't be adding anyone else for the time being.

More photos coming soon!

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