Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday (Day 5)

Hurrah! Tested for ammonia this morning and it had gone down to 0.25 :good: 
Re-dosed 5ml to get it back to 4ppm. Hopefully this is a sign that things are moving in the right direction... Will test again later to make sure. Strangely not a lot of nitrite, not quite 0 but not yet 0.25ppm - is it perhaps possible that more of the nitite-eating bacteria was transferred over in the filter media? Or is it just getting started... I will keep testing and see.

Stocking plans at the moment are a single Kribensis, a nice shoal tetras of some description (suggestions?), a pair of rams and a bottom dweller/dwellers to be decided...

Just as an aside I love my little bristlenose (Mr Bristles). He is so different to our clown plec, who is great to watch but hides away for most of the time. Bristles is out day or night sucking away at the glass or fighting off other much bigger fish for algae tablets - and he's only an inch or so long! Here he is admiring his reflection on his first day in the tank!

Posted ImageJ
6.30pmJust done another test and the ammonia is already down to 1ppm (6.30pm). I will leave it overnight and re-dose tomorrow if it goes below 0.5. There are some nitrites, although they are below 0.25 so perhaps some of the bacteria did survive after all! Nitrates have gone up to 10-20ppm (difficult to see in this light!) so obviously the bacteria are working hard.
9.30pmDid another test (I was bored!) and it appears that ammonia is now at 0.5ppm! That's from 4ppm to 0.5 in 12 hours. I won't re-dose but leave it for tonight and check in the morning. Still no substantial nitrite (<0.25).
Here are the ammonia tests from last night, this morning, earlier this evening and just now, and two nitrite tests:

And here are the most recent tests with the test strips (you can tell I have only just bought a digital camera can't you!):

Fingers crossed for tomorrow morning!

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