Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday (Day 7)

So 7.45am the results looked like this...
0.25 Ammonia
0.25 Nitrite
So I re-dosed 6ml and 12 hours later at 7.45pm I have:

That's absolutely no ammonia, and just trace nitrites (<0.25). Hooray!
Time to re-dose and hopefully over the week I'll see nitrites at a big sky blue 0 after 12 hours. Then with any luck I will be ready for fishies this weekend or the next. The great thing about cycling this way (with no fish) is that you can add them all at once and it won't overload the filter because a tank full of fish won't produce 4ppm ammonia, so the filter will be able to cope.

Now I just have to decide which fish I want!

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