Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday (Day 6)

So at 10am I re-tested and the results of the API test looked like this:

Ammonia and Nitrite Test - both looking very near 0
Hurrah! This is definitely going in the right direction. In actual fact the Ammonia result looked more like 0.25 to me than 0 - but that's still around 4ppm ammonia converted to nitrate in under a day. The filter media from my other tank, even though it was just a small bit, clearly worked, - or maybe there was some bacteria left in the old filter. Having the temperature so high has clearly sped things along too. You couldn't do that in a fish-in cycle now could you!

Still no nitrites - which is odd but I am not complaining!

Re-dosed 6ml of the stinky ammonia:

Looks like we're back up to 4ppm!
Two days ago, I found a zebra danio stuck behind the filter in my Roma 200. I have no idea how he got there but he was completely vertical and properly wedged in. I freed him and he swam off, but stuck to the same spot. He looked pretty beaten up and very unhappy so yesterday I decided to move him to the hospital tank so he could recuperate with a bit of TLC. This hospital tank, a small 20l Arcadia Arc, had been housing some guppy fry so I decided they were big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves in the big wide world of the 65l tank... Here they are swimming around around in their new home this morning, wondering where their food is no doubt!

Here they are with who I'm assuming is mum swimming around in the foreground.

At the moment they all look like girls however I am sure that they can't be; I will have to keep a very careful watch on them and see if any of them develop gonopodiums or we could have a population explosion. Maybe an expert would be able to tell by now but these are my first lot of fry and I am not an expert on sexing very young guppies... but I probably need to become an expert quickly because I don't want too many more!

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