Friday, 20 April 2012

Thursday & Friday (Days 10 & 11)

Quick update (no pics today haha!).

Yesterday (day 10) I had a strange mix of results. I have seen no ammonia at all, but the nitrite was a  a bit odd.

Before work (11.5 hrs after re-dosing) the nitrite was the highest it has been - between 2 and 5! :crazy: Perhaps I put too much ammonia in?? :unsure: 

I re-dosed anyway before work and then measured again when I came home at one hour intervals (my husband has gone away and I was bored!).

The results were 7pm 0.5-1, 8pm 0.25, 9pm 0. 
Then I re-dosed. 

This morning at 8.30 (11.5 hours after re-dosing) I'm getting double 0s.

So now I just need to re-dose it and tomorrow or Sunday I will drain the water and go FISH SHOPPING :D Hurrah!

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