Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday night update

Well it has been a miserable Sunday, and rather than go out and do anything worthwhile I've spent a lot of it just relaxing and watching my fish. Not a bad way to spend the day really!

I've also been researching what will go into my new tank when it's up and running. So far I like the look of five-banded barbs and a pair of kribs, however it depends how long I have to go because I may well change my mind!

So because I bet you're dying to know, I have been testing my water throughout the day and I can reveal the results:
L-R - 10.30am immediately after re-dose to 4ppm, 4.5 hours later at 3pm (around 3ppm), 8.5 hours after re-dosing at 7pm  at 2ppm and then finally at 9pm, 10.5 hours after the re-dose at 1ppm.
You can see for yourself! Isn't it pretty.
Nitrite is about 0.25 and has remained there all day. Nitrate is  about 10-20ppm, it's difficult to tell in this light.

I have added another 3/4ml of my favourite household ammonia which should bring it back up to the 4ppm level, as I am not sure I will be able to tomorrow morning.

Well, I am sure you will agree that's quite enough excitement for one day!

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