Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tuesday & Wednesday (Days 8 & 9)

Get ready for this people, it's a rollercoaster of emotion ;)

Tuesday, 7.45am (12hrs after re-dosing) - 0 ppm Ammonia and 0.5ppm Nitrite
Tuesday, 6.15pm,  10hrs 30 mins after re-dosing Ammonia. Ammonia 0, Nitrite  between 0 and 0.25 and  Nitrate around 5.

Tuesday 1t 10.15pm, four hours after re-dosing. 1.5ppm Ammonia , Nitrite 1ppm

And today's results.... *DRUMROLL PLEASE*

Firstly, a thought for the poorly zebra danio which got stuck behind the filter, who has now gone to fishy heaven. RIP little buddy. He was one of only two men against six lady danios ,probably stuck himself to the filter in sheer exasperation. There is only so much procreating you can attempt.

But on a lighter note...

At 7.50am, the results were much like yesterday...

L - 0 Ammonia and 0 Nitrite results from a fully cycled tank for comparison
R Ammonia, Nitrite and  Nitrate tests from this tank. Nitrite between 0 and 0.25 again...
So I re-dosed...and this evening...

Ta-da! Double 0s!
Now I have re-dosed and I'll keep doing so for the next few days to make sure it's not a fluke... Fingers crossed! Now I have to put some real thought to stocking :S

So far I have decided on a krib or kribs, and five banded barbs... However what I go out with the intention of getting and what I actually come back with may be two very different things!

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